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The Auditorium choir is open to all singers without audition. We welcome you to join us any time you are in Ocean Grove during the summer. For Sunday Services, we rehearse briefly about 9 pm Friday night after the Festival/Sacred Concert rehearsal and then on Sunday morning at 9 am. 


Choir Festival


Rehearsals This Week

Tuesday, June 20, 7:30, in the Great Auditorium

Friday, June 23, 7:30, St. Paul's UMC, 80 Embury Ave, Ocean Grove (enter from North side)

Sunday's anthem: "Jesus Shall Reign", Carl Nygard


Churches and Choirs who are participating in the 2017 Choir Festival

If you are interested in singing or attending, here are the choirs that plan to send singers to the 2017 Choir Festival. We encourage you to contact nearby churches and gather enough singers or audience members to hire a bus!



(Gold stars show 2017 rehearsal sites.  Click on the the map to zoom in for details)



Singers who are not regular Auditorium Choir members should supply their own music; it may be purchased from Young's Music Store, (610) 437-5881. A full packet is $28 (volume discounts are available); if you already have access to some of the pieces from your own choir library, you may purchase just the pieces you need. Be sure to obtain the correct publisher and version of the music as noted in the Festival brochure. Note for Sopranos and Altos -- the Wilberg Silent Night is for tenors and basses only, so you may not want to order this piece. 
Note: One of the pieces (In His Steps) is not yet published and will not be included in orders currently placed. The publisher told Young's they will be available June 15 and Young's will ship them out as soon as possible. Also, Young's ran out of Salvation is Created and the publisher had to reprint.  Some packets were missing this piece also and will receive it along with the Boesiger. 

Youtube Playlist is available if you wish to hear some of these pieces. 

Note: these are listed in order as we will sing them.

Anthem Composer/Arranger Practice Links Notes Dedication
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence Holst LSU Chamber Singers Verse 3: Roll "r" on "Rank". Very British, legato. No dipthongs on "way", "day", "away" -- pronounce "weh", "deh", "a-weh".  Swell in measures 60-62.  Verse 4: "winged" is pronounced as two syllables: "wing-ed".  Staggered breathing through all of verse 4.    
There Shall a Star from Jacob Mendelssohn

Parts for learning: Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Drew University


P. 6, second system, alto line is missing a natural mark on the A: "and dash in"  
Silent Night (tenors and basses) Wilberg Mormon Tabernacle Choir Should be legato, smooth.  
Salvation is Created Tschesnokoff Northern Lights Chorale

Some packets were missing this; copies will be sent out with the Boesiger.   

Word change: page 2, top system, 5th measure, change "is cre-ated" to "sal - - va-tion". 

Pronuounce: "A-ley-loo-ee-ya" not "A-ley-loo-ya"

Great is Thy Faithfulness Juneau none - this is a new work

Tenor clef is noted by an "8" under the clef sign 

V. 1, Staggered breathing until "father".  Take eighth-note rests at the end of full phrases. 

P. 5, insert quarter rest after "fail not".   

This anthem was donated by Bonnie Greaves, in  loving memory of her mother Marguerite Parsons Bryan
Beautiful Savior Christiansen Concordia Choir

Staggered breathing P. 2-3.

P. 2 bottom, Bass 2 and Alto 2 watch octave leap to A -- gentle on the upper A. 

P. 3: Measure 4, some bass 2s can sing D down an octive. Verse 2, T/B hum bottom two staves,  Katy Pract will sing solo line.    

Verse 3: big rests after "nations", "Man", "Honor".  No breath after "adoration" - pronounced "a-dor-a-shun".  Huge fermata on "evermore" and very long rest after "evermore". 

In His Steps Boesiger none - this is a new work Not yet available - was printed 6/16, in transit to Young's. Dedicated to the memory of Brigadier Jabez and Ruth Green by Donald and Edith Green
Give Me Jesus Fleming Northern Lights Chorale    
Ride on King Jesus Fountain Oberlin Concert Choir

Some packets were missing this; copies will be sent out with the Boesiger.  

"Rahd on" not "ryed on", "mawh-ning" not "morrrrning" 

Altos: chest voice on "heaven in the mawh-ning" everywhere

Hymn of Resurrection Walker Sanctuary Choir, First Congregational UCC Corvallis Always insert a break at comma in "I know, I know.  Otherwise, most lines should be staggered breathing for the entire line -- e.g. staggered breathing in "I know that my redeemer lives and on the earth again shall stand".  At measure 84, Jason will conduct in 4, then back to 2 at measure 92.    





There is one mandatory rehearsal from 2-5:15 pm on the day of the Festival. Singers should have learned the music before this rehearsal as we will have only a short time to work on each piece with the conductor. Rehearsals will be held in the Auditorium Friday nights beginning June 9 and Tuesdays beginning June 20 at 7:30. [Rehearsals on June 16 and 23 will be held at St. Paul's Church, 80 Embury Ave, Ocean Grove due to a scheduling conflict].  There will be a rehearsal Tuesday, July 4, but Jason promises to let us all out in time for fireworks on the beach!  



Regional Rehearsals

If your church or group is hosting regional rehearsals for the Choir Festival or the Sacred Concert and is willing to let others join, please let us know () when, where, and contact information, and we'll post it below and on the choir calendar. 


Place Town Region When More Info
St. James Episcopal, 
214 Washington St.
Warren County, NJ
Mondays 7:30 starting June 5

St. John's Lutheran
1 Van Roo Ave


Nassau County, NY

May 28,June 4, June 11 12:15-1:15
June 18, June 25 11:15-12:15

David Schmidt, Choir Director
(516) 796-1992
Cornerstone Christian
495 Wyckoff Ave.
Wyckoff Bergen County, NJ Wednesdays May 31 - July 5
7:30 pm 
Laura Jackson, Choir director
St. Paul's United Methodist
7558 Amboy Rd.
Tottenville Staten Island, NY

Thursdays 6/1, 6/8, 6/22 at 6:30

(use the door on Swinnerton St.)

Nancy Paugh, Choir Diector
Mt. Fern 
United Methodist Church
443 Quaker Church Road
Randolph Morris Co., NJ Tuesdays, 7 pm Henry Repp
Phoenixville First UMC
865 Main St.
Phoenixville Chester Co., PA Thursdays, 7-9 pm Thurs, June 29 rehearsal moved to
Valley Forge UMC
1890 Valley Forge Rd,
Valley Forge PA









Rehearsals: It often is warm in the choir loft, so dress comfortably and sensibly!  
Sunday services: Neat, casual attire is fine, but please do not wear shorts. 
Concert Dress: Ladies: white dress or white top and black bottom. Men: white long or short sleeved shirts, dark tie, dark pants. 
Always - love thy neighbor! Please refrain from wearing perfume or other scented products for rehearsals, services, and events; allergies to these products would make it difficult for some to sing.

Special note: no knapsacks are permitted in the Auditorium, and no liquids except water are allowed in the choir loft.  


Sacred Concert - August 27, 7 pm 

We will be singing Camille Saint-Saens' Christmas Oratorio and Emile Dubois' Seven Last Words of Christ. 

Rehearsals begin Tuesday, July 11, 7:30 in the Great Auditorium and continue Tuesdays and Fridays until the concert.   If you attend early rehearsals, we can provide music for you; if you wish to purchase your own, the versions we are using are both from G. Schirmer. 

Note:   the rehearsal on Tuesday, August 1 will start later as the choir will be singing for a Camp Meeting service in the Auditorium 7-8.  However, all singers are welcome to join us and sing for this communion service, which will be followed by an abbreviated rehearsal.  







" I will sing of your love and justice; to you, LORD, I will sing praise." Psalm 101:1 NIV



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